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HCA The UNcaring Company

H ello everyone. I have never set up a web site before and really don't know what I'm doing but it is free and that is the only way I can go right now. I only have a short time to get my story out to every prospective and current employee of HCA and any other people who may care so please bear with me on any mistakes I may make.

In 1994 I moved from California to Las Vegas and went to work at HCA/Sunrise Hospital. In September 0f 2001 I had a heart attack and decided after being off work for four months to seek other employment. I separated from HCA/Sunrise on 12/06/01 and was told at that time my retirement fund ($9,000) would be available to me one year from that date. I felt this was somewhat strange because in my past 34 years as a RN when I have quit a position those funds were ALWAYS available within 30 days if not sooner but I didn't have a large problem with that at the time. On 6/26/02 I found out I have Ovarian Cancer and underwent a four hour operation on 7/13/02 to removed a tumor the size of a basketball.

Since I was off four months before I had used up all my savings and my credit went south with the savings. I rent my house. I have 3 animals I have had for many years and all I am trying to do is survive till my social security and LTD kicks in sometime in December. So unless the Lord answers my prayers I will soon be on the street with them. I am not seeking handouts just funds owed me or at least a loan using the retirement fund as security. I contacted HCA in Nashville and explained the problem and asked if there was anyway I could get those funds early. The answer was very simple and to the point. Sorry, but no way can we give you your fund early. Of course if you die we can give it to your next of kin. The reason stated by them is it is the plans fault and the IRS. Now I guess they must think we are really stupid. I'm told by HCA that these funds are held in a qualified trust and HCA does not derive any monetary benefit from the fund. I would like them to explain to everyone why I got a statement from them on 6/30/02 showing I had lost $349.00 from the fund. Hard to believe I can't freeze this fund or withdraw it but I can lose it thru investments. I'm sorry, but this to me is very unfair to anyone who has money in the retirement fund. I did also ask them if I couldn get a loan from them for 90 days. I would be more than willing to sign papers turning the retirement fund over to them as a payoff. The reply was. No we have found a lot of people don't pay us back. I'm not sure what they were saying on that since they already have the money but I'm sure there is something legal I missed. This is a company that says and I quote,


Everyone, HCA sent me a short listing of four local agencies. One being Social Security which I'm sure everyone knows takes a very long time to get any help from them. All the others cannot help- PERIOD. Please remember this is a company with over 170,000 employees and bills itself as "The Caring Company". This is the only help they can give me yet they hold $9,000 of my money. I just wished I would have listen to others eight years ago who warned me about working for any HCA hospital. Now I understand more than ever. Please remember that it took them six weeks for them to send this second letter. I'm sure all the emails they have recieved had something to do with a second letter. They did take the American Red Cross off the list in this letter. What a great company this is that they go to a phone book to find listings and this is the help they give me. How cold can you get. It just doesn't make sense to me that there is no hardship withdrawal built into this plan. You would think they would care enough to have at least done that.

What I hope this site does is educate others on just how HCA is and anyone considering employment by them think long and hard. Is this really a company you want to work for.

If I'm going to die I'm going to die fighting for what think is right. I have nothing to lose because I have nothing left and I've feel the truth is something everyone should know. Only you can help me in this fight.

You can help by passing this url on to others and maybe they will email or call HCA also. Will it do any good? I just don't know but if they don't do anything you be the judge on what type company this is.

Thank you.

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